Discover how Bio-Energy can return you to your best self.  


Every living being is surrounded by and filled with bio-energy.  This energy goes by many names. The Chinese call it ch’i (qi). The ancient Greeks called it pneuma.  In India it is referred to as prana. In the scientific world, quantum physics explains the behavior of all matter and energy at the sub-atomic particle level. Bio-energy even has a place in pop-culture, showing up in Star Wars as “the force.” 

The flow of energy in our bodies is centered around 7 main energy points or chakras.  Each of these chakras is related to the endocrine glands, organs and major nerve groupings in the same area. The chakras are responsible for maintaining the right amount of energy for each organ and body system. Bio-Energy treatments concentrate on the chakras and work to re-establish a balanced, healthy flow of energy throughout all parts of the body.

When the body’s energy field is in balance, the energy flows freely and we experience complete physical, mental and emotional health. When, on the other hand, the energy becomes restricted or blocked, we can feel low energy, uninspired, depressed. This blocked energy can also manifest itself as physical pain or chronic disease.

For many of us, when our bio-energy field is out of balance, we experience it as a general feeling of being “stuck.”  We feel overwhelmed and not capable of moving forward in our work, our relationships or our general health. Even something as basic as getting out of bed in the morning can be a challenge and we find ourselves hitting the snooze button over and over.

Bio-Energy Healing techniques are used to remove these blockage and restore the natural balanced state of the body’s bio-energy field. This work is done without the use of any artificial medications, machines or other external forces.  The body is healed from within.