Initial Consultation & Treatment (75 minutes):      $150

Subsequent Treatments (45 Minutes):                    $100


Bio-Energy Treatments are a gentle, natural, non-invasive form of healing that works to remove blockages from the body’s major energy centers.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and a full treatment consists of 4 sessions once a week for four consecutive weeks with a follow-up session after a month.  More chronic conditions can sometimes benefit from a concentrated treatment of four sessions on four consecutive days with a follow-up session one month later.  

Bio-Energy treatments are generally done with the client in a standing position.  There is little to no touching at any point in the treatment. Clients remain fully clothed although shoes must be removed along with any jewelry or metal objects.

During the treatments, a series of hand movements are used around the client’s body.  These hand movements increase the flow of energy and bring blockages to the surface to make them easier to remove.  Once identified, blockages are removed using progressive healing techniques and a natural flow of energy is re-established.